An environment where you

and your clients can thrive.

As an advisor, you may feel you have achieved a good level of success, but do you sometimes feel as if you’re stuck in the wrong place? Maybe you’re at a firm where you wonder if you’re doing what’s best for the client or what’s best for the firm? Are you forced to compete with the people you sit next to instead of working as a team? It doesn’t have to be that way!

The regulatory changes in our industry will create a clear distinction between advisors that serve the client and those that serve something else. If you’re interested in doing what’s best for your clients, creating a success story for yourself, and making a real difference in other’s lives,  there’s a great opportunity for you!

Sound Success

Sound Financial has built our firm

in a way that an advisor can be a true

fiduciary AND be very successful!


Have your hard work result in growing profits and success!


We offer quality and thought out solutions that benefit the client, not just the firm.


Utilize the latest industry leading technology that will benefit the advisor and the client.


We utilize and provide innovative marketing tools and expertise to get your message out.


The freedom of a true entrepreneur, advisor, and fiduciary with support from a seasoned firm.


Work with a team that embraces a higher calling in our service to our clients and community.

Are you ready to grow your business, and do it in a way you can be proud of?

Sound Financial is looking for like-minded advisors who want to grow with us, while still retaining the support of a seasoned firm. If you think that might be you, we’d love to talk!