Money by the Book

Information and knowledge are more accessible than at any time in human history. We have grown new technologies, new methods, and new discoveries in all fields of study.

But are we utilizing all of this “new” plus the good judgment called wisdom?

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The Best Firms

What makes the best firms? Is it sales, marketing, and great story telling? Or is it something deeper? At Sound, we think it’s something more. It’s being excellent in all areas, looking forward while solving for today, being client focused, solving their needs, and not “counting your commissions at the table.”

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Ready or Not, Here IT Comes

Change is coming to the financial services industry, in a way unimaginable a decade ago. The Department of Labor rattled stalwarts of the industry with their Fiduciary Rule. Now, the SEC plans to enact their own version. The reaction of many baby-boomer advisors was simple, retire and get out of the way.

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