Maybe the most difficult part of the COVID-19 and the current recession is the feeling of being stuck. What do you do now? What do you do next?

Certainly, many people across the country are on the front lines battling this Pandemic. And our prayers are for those health workers and for those who are sick.

For the rest of us, it sometimes feels like we have been watching a game from the cheap seats. At Sound, we don’t do this very well. Spectator sports aren’t our thing, so, we’ve been busy. These are a few topics we are bringing to you now or you can look forward to soon.

First, our big news is our colleagues at WealthShield have built a Biblically Responsible Investment Index. The team took our stock sleeve and built an index with this. This is exciting because it demonstrates that we can reach for excellent investment results while screening out companies that harm people.

Second, we are working on a faith-based investing education series. This is a favorite topic of ours because God promises so much good to us and yet we chase success in all the wrong places.

Third, you have seen our long -term care series. For our Baby Boomer clients, please pay attention to this, as it could be very valuable to you. And for our Gen X and Millennial clients, we will have an insurance series for you later this year. Insurance is a vital part of the robust financial plan that we want you to have.

We are grateful for the trust you put into us and are working hard for you!