As with many great stories,

ours began with a couple

of friends with a dream.

Way back in 1982 Sammy Dean and Danny Matthews began their careers in the financial sector. They shared the belief that when people had better financial education, they could understand their finances better and make informed decisions. By 1993, they formalized their partnership and formed Sound Financial Strategies Group. With the additions of partners Chris McAlpin, Joel Holden, and Karl Simmons, Sound Financial has grown into a strong firm managing over $250 million and servicing clients in 4 states with offices in Flowood, MS and Cedar Park, TX.

Sound Financial

Core Values

The team at Sound Financial has seen success because they passionately believe in three core pillars:


People are important to God, so they are important to us, in the way they are viewed and treated.


We exist for other’s success. There is a constant drive for excellence that is always delivered to our stakeholders.


Solid technology platforms and strategic partnerships allow for innovative thinking combined with integrity.

This approach addresses the seismic shifts in consolidation, regulation, and technology that are changing traditional ways of doing business in the investment industry. In this chaos we stand on these three pillars, which has allowed us to grow and thrive.

Our History

How Sound Financial Got Here

Long before the idea of being a fiduciary was government regulated, Sound Financial instilled a fiduciary attitude in every member of our team. “Fiduciary” is the trust or confidence given for the benefit of another. Every advisor at Sound Financial has a fiduciary attitude of putting the concern of a client above all else, even themselves. That belief extends to our management and our expectations of groups we partner with.

A few years ago the question was asked, “How can we be better … are there areas that could be upgraded to continue this fiduciary attitude in all areas of our services, including trading and account management?” This came after a building frustration with our former broker-dealer and the concern that there was more we could do to be a true fiduciary for our clients. After months of investigation, the answer was a resounding “YES,” we could upgrade our services and as an outcome provide even more benefit to our clients and team. We have always prided ourselves on being efficient without excess, but when it came to the layers of people between us and Wall Street, we could see there were also areas that could be changed to improve there as well.

This led us to form our own hybrid Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). By being an RIA we can manage our own advisory business with more flexibility while under direct oversight from the SEC. The “hybrid” part comes in our new partnership with The Comprehensive Group/Aurora PW, which provides independent broker-dealer services for our firm.

As we made these changes, we found we had a firm belief that we could provide an expanded and higher level of service in the areas of operations, compliance, and investments. This led our leadership team to take on new challenges with new partnerships to make Sound Financial stronger than ever.

In Operations, Joel Holden (Sound Financial’s Chief Operations Officer) partnered with an outside team named LibertyFi to help provide the best operational tools and technology available in our industry. This partnership will help our clients and employees have the tools they need to maximize their efforts in planning for retirement.

In Compliance, Danny Matthews (Sound Financial’s Chief Compliance Officer) partnered with a group named Focus 1 to maintain our compliance structure and remain compliant with the SEC and FINRA. This will also impact the way we can communicate with our clients and we believe this kind of flexibility will be crucial to our future!

Lastly, our Investments team will continue to offer our Rules Based Strategy, and now with Clint Sorenson (Sound Financial’s Outside Chief Investment Officer) joining us, our clients and advisors will benefit from a team of asset managers that greatly increases our depth of experience and market intelligence in our investment models.

While the journey has been challenging, we believe our firm is now in the best position possible to deliver on our fiduciary promise to our clients and all of our Sound Financial family. By continuing to build our team with like-minded advisors, we are confident in the future of our firm and our ability to serve our clients as we should.

Our Partners

Are you ready to grow your business, and do it in a way you can be proud of?

Sound Financial is looking for like-minded advisors who want to grow with us, while still retaining the support of a seasoned firm. If you think that might be you, we’d love to talk!